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December 5, 2010


In solidarity with WikiLeaks, I am announcing that I have terminated my relationship with in protest of their complicity with state-imposed censorship, specifically the unconstitutional attempt made by one petty tyrant named Senator Joseph Lieberman. Since has chosen to so easily roll over for such self-appointed dictators as Senator Lieberman, it seems clear to me that Amazon is not deserving of my future business.

My decision was in response to the public call made by Daniel Ellsberg, of the Pentagon Papers fame, to boycott Amazon.

I wish to personally encourage all supporters and practitioners of permaculture to permanently cancel their accounts with Amazon in protest. Click here to close your account. When you do, be sure to mention that you are disgusted by their action to terminate WikiLeaks hosting and that you will only support companies that are in alignment with our Constitutional rights. Corporations tend to listen when you let your money do the talking!

December 7 Global Bank Run

On a related note, a Global Citizens’ run on the banks is occurring on December 7 2010. StopBank! USA has all the details. The idea is to withdraw financial support from those large banking institutions which have undermined our economy in their never-ending quest for profit. Major banks around the world are being targeted and bank customers are being asked to close their accounts on December 7 and move their money to local, non-profit credit unions or smaller, regional banks. My personal preference is a credit union because they are non-profit and put the interests of their shareholders first. When Washington Mutual failed back in 2008 and was taken over by Chase, I decided that I could not, in good conscience, do business with a bank that directly assisted in the collapse of the economy, so at that time, I moved all my accounts over to a local credit union.

Did you know about the Permaculture Credit Union? Find out more!

To find a local credit union near you, please visit

We the people have the power, and as in any well-designed permaculture system, we must position and implement our resources in ways that are most effective and supportive for the entire system. So get going and put your money to GOOD work!

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