OMG the debt ceiling! It’s overrrrrrrr!

July 25, 2011

“OMG the debt ceiling! It’s overrrrrrrr!”

Well, sort of…

The US debt crisis wrangling in D.C. is crass, concocted political theater to keep the global masses scared and distracted, opening the door to yet more disaster kapitalism. Just watch: the ceiling will be raised at the 11th hour and Uncle Sam will continue to borrow and spend his way into the compost heap of history, yet another iteration of the patterns of the past (Rome, Spain, Britain, et al.) Today, Greece is just a prelude to the inevitable coming attraction.

Our job now, as intelligent beings who clearly see the game they’re playing, is to start getting creative about how we’re going to organize our communities & social affairs.

One place to begin is at the philosophical and macro-economic levels. This site is chock full of excellent free resources (ebooks, MP3 audiobooks, journals and pamphlets) to get your gears turning:

At the personal, micro-economic level, begin to apply permaculture principles at home in your immediate community:

Together, these two concepts are truly ECO-nomics and I believe that they go hand-in-hand.

For some of you, either of these concepts may be a whole new realm of experience & understanding, but as the collapse of current paradigm shows us, the system we have now is just not sustainable at all. Society needs to set out on a bold new path. Let’s start exploring, learning, networking and applying – sustainably, cooperatively, and non-violently.

Please feel free share your favorite links and resources related to this theme in the comments section.

In abundance!

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IEA Economist: ‘Era Of Cheap Energy Is Over’

March 10, 2010

WASHINGTON (Dow Jones)–The chief economist of the International Energy Agency said predicted Tuesday that the “era of cheap energy is over,” with oil supply unlikely to keep up with demand.

Fatih Birol told the National Association for Business Economics that China will be the main driver of global oil demand, which he sees increasing by about 1.5 million barrels a day this year.

Birol said he has “serious worries” about whether future supply can meet demand.


This is huge news, especially to those who have been claiming over the past decade that the concept of Peak Oil is a “hoax”. Each year, the production data and the spot price of oil confirms that yes indeed, Peak Oil is real and it is here now. This has major implications for the entire global economy because so much of the food, medical, transport, travel and manufacturing sectors of the economy are so dependent on fossil fuels.

The good news is that there is still some time to prepare. Invest in a permaculture system for your home today.

To get started, please call Paul Racko of Sierra Permaculture Design at (530)292-3031 or 613-4181.

Permaculture is the wisest investment decision you can make. Call today.

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